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What is "REACH"?

REACH is a chemical regulation by the EU , coming into force on the 1 June 2007. The abbreviation stands for: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of CHemicals.

Who or what is ECHA?

ECHA stands for European Chemical Agency. It is responsible for the administration of all chemical data submitted through the REACH regulation and it is responsible for the authorization of SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern). Furthermore it has to provide uniformity for all participants.

Who is effected by REACH?

Every company producing, importing or procressing a chemical substance is effected by REACH. Companies which import substances in preparation or manufactured items can be effected by REACH as well.

Which purpose does the new european Chemical Regulation have?

The REACH regulation does not have the solemn purpose to centralise or simplify the Chemical Right but to give a better insight to the risks society has to deal with while working with chemicals on a daily basis. On the one hand every single company has to take more responsibility to safely isolate and control their products, on the other hand an euroean-wide uniformity is intended.

Which substances have to be pre-registered/registered?

According to the REACH regulation every substance imported or produced with an quantity over 1 t/a has to be registered.

What means "Only Representative"?

An Only Representative (short: OR) is the representative for companies without a place of business inside the EU who import chemical products into the EU.

What are Phase-in substances?

Phase-in substancesare chemicals listed in the EINECS-index (European INdex of Existing Commercial Substances) which are circulating in the EEA (European Economic Area). Phase-in Substances could also be so-called "no-longer-polymers" listet on the NLP-index. Those are chemicals formally nown as ploymers. Substances which have been produced within 15 years before REACH came into force and haven't been sold or gifted can be defined as Phase-in substances as well. Basically nearly all chemicals on the european market are Phase-in substances. Depending on the risk evaluation and/or if there is produced more than 1 t/a the substances have to be registered with the ECHA.

What is a downstream user?

A downstream user is a legal person or legal entity based in the EU who processes a substance as such or in preparation. Manufacturer, impoters, traders and consumers are no downstream users.

What are SVHCs?

SVHCs are Substances of Very High Concern endangering the human health and our environment. They fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • CMR of category 1 and 2: carcinogen (cancer-causing), mutagen, reproductive toxic (reduced fertility)
  • PBT: persistent, accumulate in food chain and toxic
  • vPvB: very persistent and very accumulating
  • Endocrine Disruptors (EDCs): substances disrupting the balance of hormones in human beings and animals

More information on SVHCs.

What is IUCLID?

IUCLID (International Uniform ChemicaL Information Database) is used to document data of chemical substances and to prepare registration dossiers e.g. for REACH, biocide product directive or the OECD-HPV program.

What is Chesar?

Chesar (CHEmical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool) is a plug-in for IUCLID developed by the ECHA to help companies with their Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) and preparing the Chemical Safety Report (CSR).