Your Experts in Chemical Assessment and Safety

REACh ChemConsult GmbH offers customised services for the assessment of chemicals to ensure safety for man and the environment over the whole life-cycle. We combine the profound knowledge of experienced toxicologists, ecotoxicologists, environmental chemists and HSE experts to meet the requirements for chemical legislations such as the European chemical legislation REACH and Regulation on Biocides.

Contact our REACH consultants, (eco)toxicologists and chemists for competent and quick help on late-pre-registration, registration dossiers, inquiry dossiers, PPORD dossiers, SIEF, Only Representative services or join our next IUCLID training course for successful registration of your substances.
We also provide advice on the EU-CLP/GHS regulation (Globally Harmonized System) that has entered into force on 20 January 2009.

Our Service

Concerning REACH:

  • comprehensive REACH consulting,
  • REACH (late) pre-registration,
  • REACH registration,
  • REACH authorisation,
  • Only Representative,
  • REACH third party representative,
  • REACH testing,
  • Reach compliance,
  • SVHC testing and screening and
  • supply chain management services

Concerning the Regulation on Carriage of Dangerous Goods:

  • rail traffic (RID),
  • road traffic (ADR),
  • sea traffic (IMDG Code) and
  • inland waterways (including the interface with maritime and air transport) (ADN) and
  • air traffic (ICAO T.I./ IATA)

Concerning the Regulation on Biocidal Products:

  • the complete preparation of the dossier in IUCLID
  • monitoring of all necessary studies in any GLP laboratories of your choice
  • Testing in partner laboratories