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Regulation on detergents (EC) No. 648/2004

On 8 October 2005, the EU Detergents Regulation ((EC) No. 648/2004) entered into force. In addition to regulations on the biodegradability of detergent substances in detergents, the EU Detergents Regulation also specifies obligations for the provision of information by manufacturers or distributors of detergents to the competent authorities within the EU. For example, detergents classified as physical hazards or health hazards under the CLP Regulation must be notified to the Poison Centre Notification (PCN) portal at ECHA.

Further information obligations for manufacturers or distributors of detergents are the labelling of ingredients and the provision of the data sheets for detergents according to Annex VII Section C and D of the Detergents Regulation. The data sheet according to Section C must be made available to medical personnel on request. The data sheet according to section D must be made available on the homepage. Information on the ingredients, such as the non-ionic and ionic surfactants, must be provided on the label. Only biodegradable ingredients may be used. Furthermore, the use of phosphates in detergents and cleaning agents is prohibited in order to protect water ecosystems.

National laws of the individual EU member states may impose further notification obligations on manufacturers and distributors of detergents. In Germany, detergents are subject to notification requirements under the Law on the Environmental Compatibility of Detergents and Cleaning Agents (WRMG), regardless of their classification under the CLP Regulation. Meanwhile, all detergents manufactured or placed on the market in Germany can be notified by reporting to the PCN portal of ECHA. The reported information on detergents is forwarded to the respective Notified Bodies of the Member States for emergency medical care.

We support you in the implementation of the Detergents Regulation. We carry out the PCN notification, if necessary, inform you which information on the ingredients must appear on the label, prepare the data sheets according to Annex VII Section C and D and check the information on the labelling of the detergents for completeness.

Experienced toxicologists, ecotoxicologists, environmental chemists and occupational health and safety experts work for REACh ChemConsult GmbH that can take over the implementation of the Detergents Regulation for your company.

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